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So, Pepper introduced original species to me a few months ago. I realized that my mermaids that I was extensively developing as a species, from their biology such as what colors they can see to their society as matriarchal with fission-fusion tendencies, counted.

I was like, hey why not join the hype train. I've got this 5,000+ document, why not?

But then I wanted to write a story about it, involving them. So I currently have this massive project undergoing, with so many Word documents like you wouldn't believe, all while forcing myself not to make a conlang like my brain so wants me to do.

After all, it's not like I'm making two 3D games, only having 3 weeks for each. Which involves modeling, texturing, and animating. Along with my other classes.

And for the record, they're called "aliaids," pronounced "ay-lee-aids" with the emphasis on the second syllable.
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There There, Let Me Help You
While in my original species that I'm working on doesn't have this relationship with fish, I had the prompt from Pepper-Wood that a mermaid was helping a fish heal from a wound. She and I have been on an H2O kick for the past few months, so I thought it'd be cute if it had Lewis's spring bait thing (such a hilarious thing).

And I promise on those inktober works! I saw that this month is Hue-vember, and I might do that next year, but I saw that there's an advent calendar thing for original species and I might do that or something. Ugh why can't I just do art and games and not have to worry about school. But then I wouldn't have taken Oceanography, and therefore started this whole thing. Who knows what's best? I certainly don't, apparently.

Oh, did I mention original species??? Maybe.

Check out my journal if you're interested. ^_^
So commissions are open! 

Full 5" x 7" prints are $1.50 base fee

Landscapes are 50¢ extra (total of $2.00)

Portraits are 75
¢ extra (total of $2.25)

These prices are a flat fee, regardless of hours worked on.
Bunny Girl Painting
My submission for Genericon XXX's Minicon (and the actual convention) posters asking artists to submit art. It was a lit of fun making it, as I enjoyed designing the character as well as the pose.
Summer Fairy #31Witches Day 1
I had this whole thing typed out, and instead of doing Ctrl+T I did Ctrl+R. Because of course. >_<
Then I found it in my But I like this one's description better. So meh.

ANYWAY Pepper-Wood told me about Inktober, and despite already drawing today for 6 hours, my fingers itched when she told me of the prompt for an alternative for it (found here). So, of course, despite being in the middle of game production, I did it.

It's not my favorite, since it involves greyscale AND focuses on linework, but it never hurts to practice and get better. It's not a witch, and it's not "pure inkwork", but why are you purists looking at my stuff when there is so much better work out there? Shoo.

It originally started as a summer witch, but then I couldn't shake the idea of her being a fairy, and her wand turned into a petal.

I'm definitely going to be redoing this in color, not only because COLOR but also because I want to fix the pose and wings. But drawing for 6 hours and THEN doing this does that to you. As the (paraphrased) saying goes, "The spirit is willing, but the fingers are weak."

I know I won't be able to do this everyday (lololol didn't even really make the first day, submitting it a little over 30 minutes late),  but I have about a week in the middle of October where I'm between games, so I'll definitely be churning out a lot during then as well. So stay tuned, and pat yourself on the back for reading the whole thing! :)


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