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So commissions are open! 

Full 5" x 7" prints are $1.50 base fee

Landscapes are 50¢ extra (total of $2.00)

Portraits are 75
¢ extra (total of $2.25)

These prices are a flat fee, regardless of hours worked on.
Bunny Girl Painting by elf-mermaid
Bunny Girl Painting
My submission for Genericon XXX's Minicon (and the actual convention) posters asking artists to submit art. It was a lit of fun making it, as I enjoyed designing the character as well as the pose.
Summer Fairy #31Witches Day 1 by elf-mermaid
Summer Fairy #31Witches Day 1
I had this whole thing typed out, and instead of doing Ctrl+T I did Ctrl+R. Because of course. >_<
Then I found it in my But I like this one's description better. So meh.

ANYWAY Pepper-Wood told me about Inktober, and despite already drawing today for 6 hours, my fingers itched when she told me of the prompt for an alternative for it (found here). So, of course, despite being in the middle of game production, I did it.

It's not my favorite, since it involves greyscale AND focuses on linework, but it never hurts to practice and get better. It's not a witch, and it's not "pure inkwork", but why are you purists looking at my stuff when there is so much better work out there? Shoo.

It originally started as a summer witch, but then I couldn't shake the idea of her being a fairy, and her wand turned into a petal.

I'm definitely going to be redoing this in color, not only because COLOR but also because I want to fix the pose and wings. But drawing for 6 hours and THEN doing this does that to you. As the (paraphrased) saying goes, "The spirit is willing, but the fingers are weak."

I know I won't be able to do this everyday (lololol didn't even really make the first day, submitting it a little over 30 minutes late),  but I have about a week in the middle of October where I'm between games, so I'll definitely be churning out a lot during then as well. So stay tuned, and pat yourself on the back for reading the whole thing! :)
Hi everyone!

This is my first journal, and I'm not sure what I should be writing. Do I ask for feedback?
I would like my approach to be similar, if not exactly the same, to the Youtube user Cryaotic ("chaoticmonki") where he just puts his content out there and it's up to the viewers to do all that jazz (the like/favourite/subscribe shebang). Is it nice to know you're not posting things into the void? Of course it is, but I won't ask for people to do it, if they like my stuff enough then they will.

I was never a blogger or a diary writer, instead usually just venting my feelings out into an art piece when it became necessary. Or sing to songs that fit my mood. So occasionally these will be awkward. But perhaps practice makes things better? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You always see this with youtubers, watching them become progressively more "professional" and "confident" in themselves.

I know I've been a member for a long time, and to be honest I was always intimidated by other users and never posted any of my stuff (just note how much of a time disparity there is between pieces I posted in January and the previous ones [six years? ouch]). Also I will fully admit that in the past I mainly used my account to watch other artists and comment/favourite their work. 

But no more! Hopefully.

Now that I have a steady stream of art being made and completed (crosses fingers), I hope to, if nothing else, be more active in posting my art here as I am much more confident in the quality of my art and putting it out there. I won't promise to be more consistent with journal updates, let alone art postings, because I try not to make promises that I am unsure I will be able to keep.

But I will promise that I can at least try to be more active, if nothing else. And after all, isn't trying half the battle?

~*~ elf mermaid ~*~


United States

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